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Hermoupolis Heritage is a non-profit organization based in Syros, which aims to save and restore the tangible and intangible cultural heritage of the island. Based on the study of history and tradition, it creates experiential experiences that focus on the fields of architecture, culture, industry and the environment. The purpose of these actions is to highlight the history of the island, to inspire as well as to raise awareness for actions by other institutions or persons.




Hermoupolis Heritage's vision is for Syros to develop as a cultural center, full of people who actively participate in spreading the history of the island's buildings, objects and people and help save the past  through the battle against time. The ultimate goal of the organization is the preservation of the intangible and material cultural heritage of the island, the protection of the environment as well as the well-being of the people who live in this place!


 One of Hermoupolis Heritage's biggest missions to date was the rescue and restoration of a textile factory, where through the oral testimonies of the old workers an experiential experience was formed in which the visitor lives as a worker of the time her, wearing the traditional apron and operating the factory machinery. Through this experience he learns about the life of the workers and the history of the island's textile industry. On the occasion of this factory and its rescue operation, Hermoupolis Heritage tries to create a culture of love for history in the local community. For the in-depth cultivation of this culture, efforts will be made to restore and utilize other buildings as well, since Ermoupoli is full of such treasures.

The words, rescue - restoration - promotion - awareness, act as a compass of the people of Hermoupolis Heritage:

  • Saving history, tangible and intangible. Collecting objects and recording testimonies of the past.

  • Restoration of buildings and objects.

  • Highlighting the island's history and cultural heritage through the creation of experiential experiences and activities.

  • Sensitizing other people so that they act to save, restore and highlight the history of this place.

Live the experience of old Syros through our actions 

All services provided by Hermoupolis Heritage aim to educate participants through interactive and entertaining experiences. Visitors tour historical sites and use instruments from the past that have been rescued and restored. In each activity, the visitor's experience is completed with a taste of local products and meals of Syros which are inspired by the tradition of the island.


We invite you with us to make a special mini cruise on board of a “trechantíri” in Greek, who means in English “small speedy watercraft”.


This traditional vessel is a small, double-ended sea-going vessel, used for trading or fishing, originally made of wood and powered by sail.


Our trechantiri was built in the famous Syros Shipyard and then we start our daily cruise by visiting this historical Shipyard.


We introduce the visitors to the course of the shipyards over time and we discover together the first industry of Syros. Seeing by the sea the harbor of Hermoupolis and the two hills, we make an historical flashback to 1822 when the first refugees from Chios Island came to Syros, founded Hermoupolis “the miracle of the war against the Turc” as the city was called by the European historians.


To attend this experience it is necessary to be a member of Hermoupolis Heritage.

Kaiki kallia m.jpg

Familiarity with the shipbuilding tradition of Syros


Familiarity with the clubs and countryside of Syros

With an old Pony car,a Greek constructionof the 70’s, we start our tour from Ermoupolis.


We introduce the visitors to the way of life of the bourgeois class on the island and who this classfounded on Syros the first private club in modern Greece. We head to Chroussa village and all the way we look with nostalgia back in time remembering the flourishing of trade and industry on the island and how the rich aristocrats started to move during the summer to their marvelous villas with the green gardens in Piskopeio, Chroussa, Parakopi and Posidonia.


 To attend this experience it is necessary to be a member of Hermoupolis Heritage.

Natural Silk

Familiarity with the industry of Syros

A journey through time, through which you discover the life of the workers and the way a textile factory works in 1986.


In a small alley lost in Ermoupolis hides the unique Zisimatos textile factory, which has survived among the 68 that once existed in Syros. In this place time has stopped back to 1986. So each visitor travels through time through an experiential experience based on memories from the 40 employees. How does he do this? By wearing a worker's apron, filling in the work card and following the entire production line, he learns about how the factory works and the working conditions then and now. During the experience, all the senses are activated with sounds from the old sewing machines, with smells of cotton, with images of the threads that have remained frozen on the looms and with live testimonies from the weavers. All of the above contribute so that every visitor experiences a unique experience full of nostalgia and romance which ends at a monastery table to enjoy a hard-working snack with flavors from traditional local products.

To attend this experience it is necessary to be a member of Hermoupolis Heritage.


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Hermoupolis Heritage

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Volunteers are defined as the people who make up Hermoupolis Heritage, embrace its vision and help with passion in the actions and operation of the organization.

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Donors are those who provide objects of folkloric and historical value related to Syros to be used by Hermoupolis Heritage. 

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Donors are those who offer a small large donation to the organization without any compensation. 

The 12 highlights of Hermoupolis Heritage until 2021

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